Fine art photography 


A brief history 

Stuart has always had an interest in photography but it wasn’t until Stuart’s first visit to Skye in 2006 that he had the eye for photography.   He happened to pop into Grumpy George photography in Armadale on this visit and happened to have his camera on him.  George asked to see his photos and commented he had good eye for it.   He then handed Stuart a card and told him to join a site called CFF (Canon Fodder Forums).  On joining Stuart met many photographers of varying levels all of whom encouraged Stuart and constantly helped him with his photography and photoshop skills.   Fast forward several years and Stuart was asked to be featured artist in Scottish field magazine.  Since then more doors have opened and have done many commissions sold lots of prints and was asked to produce a 90 metre by 6 pano which was printed and wrapped around gleneagles arena for an event.  Stuart regularly hosts photo walks and does workshops for photographers of varying levels.  And is always on hand to offer help and advice 



On the Photographic Menu


Fine art photography 

With a unique eye Stuart has a knack of capturing Scotland in a very honest and open way.  He captures the scene as he and millions of others see it - in all of its glory.  Relying on good composition and clarity to make his photographs stand out.


Time to shine 

Stu-Art Photography offers this service to clients at a very reasonable rate. As a musician also, he understand that this type of photography is a necessity for those just starting in the professional world, so he makes sure it’s available at a price that makes sense. Get in touch if you’d like to try this service or keep browsing through the list of what’s available.


Everything is possible 

Shooting Commissions is a particular speciality of Stu-Art Photography, and a must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of their photography experience and professionalism. They aim to capture the atmosphere of each location, since great quality photos help make these more memorable. If you’re interested in hiring them for this service, please get in touch today.






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